The organisations working in Catalonia in the fields of migration and refuge, teamed up within the campaign Casa nostra, casa vostra, have produced a document with specific proposals that we address to the local, Catalan and Spanish administrations.

We are convinced that if all of them are implemented, we will build a welcome land, in which migrant people and refugees will be citizens with all the rights and on equal conditions as the rest of the population.

Thus, we ask all the administrations to read through this document and to take it into account. We agree on negotiating it and we are convinced that the outcome results are going to benefit us all.

  • Right to migrate and to asylum
  • Right to health and accommodation
  • Right to education and job
  • Childhood and child welfare rights
  • Right to public participation
  • Justice and peace culture
  • Fight against hate speeches and xenophobe actions 


Download the #VolemAcollir document of the detailed demands to the administration