Catalunya has always been a land of inclusion, but we cannot forget that in many moments we have also been received in other lands. In Catalunya we live with other people of the rest of Spain, people of every culture, every country and every faith.

More than 290 millions of people had to necessarily move from their home due to armed conflicts, violation of the human rights, climatic change and poverty. Since 2000, because of the European politics of its frontiers' closure, more than 32.000 people died trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, that became an enormous cemetery. 2016 has been one of the more deadly.

The European Union's Member States, far from offering a solution to the situation, have restricted even more the people's migration, up until closing the frontiers and Europe has become a big fortress. A few of them succeed to enter and the ones who made it have risked their lives giving all their money to human traffickers. Once they arrive to our cities and our villages, they risk a lot with CIE, exclusion and racism. These UE's politics promote mortality and erase from the map the safe and legal proceedings.
Even if it will be continued to apply measures to curb the immigration, people will continue trying to arrive because the reasons that force them to flee are very much stronger than the walls that they could find on their way.

In September 2015, Spain has compromised to receive more or less 10.772 refugees in two years. Despite the very bad conditions in which they live, this compromise is now being unfinished. In this way, the Spanish government, together with other European countries, sistematically destroy the International law and the compromises gained with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, between the others. The agreement between EU and Turkey is an obvious example.

The competences in asylum's politiques are linked to the State, but we believe that Catalunya and its institutions have to give a clearer and stronger answer right in front of the biggest forced displacement of people after the Second World War. Catalunya has got the competences in reception politiques and could apply measures to improve them and strenghten them since now.

For all these reasons, facing the inactivity of Spain, we ask the Catalan Institutions to:

  1. Carry out in a permanent way in front of this situation as it is requested by the citizenship because Catalunya continue to be a land of reception.
  2. Ensure the inclusion and the worthy social development of the immigrant people in Catalunya and apply measures against racism, xenophobia and LGBTphobia.
  3. Defend the right to the free circolation of people, as declared in the 13th article of  the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  4. Work to eliminate the injustice's causes, structural violence, war and human rights violation at the origin, that are the reason why of the forced or not desired movements of people. In this sense, to foment the culture of peace. We ask to take immediate measures.

And we invite the citizenship to get organized, to take action and to make its voice heard to achieve a collective awareness that encourage a change of actitude of the Institutions in relation to the nominated “migration crisis” that the Mediterranean is actually living.*Aquest darrer punt està literalment extret d’una declaració del Parlament de Catalunya l’any 1995 en el context de la guerra dels Balcans.

*This last point is literally extracted from a Catalan Parliament's declaration in 1995, in the Balcanian war context.