Casa nostra, casa vostra releases the video clip “Mejor” by Hans Laguna

This video, directed by Jaime Bertrán, recalls the Refugees’ life journey on their way to Europe

Casa nostra, casa vostra premieres the videoclip of the song “Mejor” by Hans Laguna, included in the CD “Manual de fotografía" (El Genio Equivocado, 2016). This video clip is signed by the director Jaime Bertrán and portraits through images the situation of many refugees during their journey across the Mediterranean sea and towards Europe.

What concerns did you have that made you write this song?

In terms of tune, I wanted to make a song with folk roots but with a different sound, with elements of music from other parts of the world (for example, the drum beat is reggeton ...). And for the lyrics, I wanted to share the desire of defining reality in terms of opposing (body / mind, pleasure / pain, indoor / outdoors, winner / loser, theory / practice, etc.) but finding a higher synthesis.

Which message do you want to share? Do you think of someone in particular while writing the lyrics?

My lyrics are usually quite open and accept different readings. When Jaime Bertran, the director, suggested that the video treated the refugee crisis, it was great for me: I discovered that my kind of abstract lyrics could fit very well this issue.

What is your opinion about the current refugee crisis in Europe?

Firstly, this crisis reveals both the EU’s inability to provide an adequate response to major geopolitical problems and the need of reconsidering the EU role. Moreover, the refugees’ situation shows a deep indignation and shared a kind of moral common sense that transcends any kind of ideology. This feeling can be very powerful when well handled, and fortunately initiatives like Casa Nostra, casa Vostra, are handling this situation on the right direction. Finally, the crisis has also made clear the irresponsibility of the media when reporting about this problem, often not mentioning the causes or distorting them. For example, the current refugee crisis can not be understood without the connivance of the United States of America, Israel and the European Union together with radical governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who are financing jihadism and are behind the Syria, Yemen Lebanon wars, among others.

Which message are you sharing when saying “Busco una Guerra mejor” [I’m looking for a better war]?

In general terms, I want to share the idea of solving conflicts in a way that does not involve, in absolute terms, that if one wins, the other loses.

Do you think it is possible to offer refugees a better life, as in your song, in this our home?

Yes. As in most subjects, it’s enough with the political will. If the will exists, the civil society must mobilize themselves to ensure that the will exists.